Image of ginger root pieces, cut up and laid out against a pale yellow background with lemon slices

ALL ABOUT Ginger | Ingredient Spotlight #1

At All About Kombucha, we value our customers' health and wellbeing as much as our own. We aim to put forth only the highest quality products, experiences and events that we as individuals would enjoy too.

This is one of the many reasons we use fresh, local ingredients in every bottle (shoutout to our incredible suppliers at Beechlawn Organic Farm). Not to mention, each of those bottles that comes out of our brewery in Claregalway is Carbon Neutral.

We'd guess the average person nowadays could probably tell you that Kombucha is a "healthy drink," but do you actually understand the benefits to each of the ingredients we consciously craft into our brews? Let's all treat ourselves to a refresher..

Here begins what we'll call our "Ingredient Spotlight" series. Let's start with the base of our OG booch flavour – Organic Ginger + Lemon.

Ginger is a plant root that many would associate being used as a spice or kitchen cure. It's closely related to cardamom and turmeric (Spoiler Alert – we're a BIG fan of the latter as well...)

Ginger has also been linked to cases of nausea relief, increased oral health, lower blood sugar, improved digestion and overall boosts of immunity. It's no surprise then, that Ginger is considered one powerful 'superfood'; the root's filled with antioxidants and contains over 400 natural compounds.

Now if we want to get reallllyyy technical – according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the natural component of ginger root, called 'gingerol,' benefits the digestive process, which is what aids any stomach discomfort or pain. It can also prevent oral bacteria from growing, hence its help with oral health. Pretty cool, right?

Its ability to reduce oxidative stress in the body when consumed is what has led individuals to believe the root to be a potential means to preventing cancer as well. 'Oxidative Stress' can occur when too many free radicals are in the body. A 'free radical' is any toxic substance (i.e. unstable atom) that forms alongside normal cell metabolism. BioMed Central, a scientific publishing group from the UK, tells us that ginger has therapeutic effects that can slow down the rapid growth of these destructive cells in the body. 

Lastly - ginger is super high in antioxidants, but low in protein and lacking in diversity / quantity of minerals and vitamins. So while amazing health is certainly not guaranteed, the root may just be one of your new favourite finds!

So lay yourself out in that summer sun and enjoy a bottle of ice cold Organic Ginger + Lemon Kombucha today for an extra kick in your health buzz!

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