All About Kombucha's Co-Founder Keith Loftus discussing brewing strategies with Brewery Manager Harry Beresford

JOB OPENING: Brewery Assistant


All About Kombucha is literally.. All About Kombucha. We offer a naturally fermented soft drink alongside DIY Kombucha Kits, for those who want to give the experience of brewing at-home a ‘go’. Each and every product that is produced, brewed and packaged in our Galway headquarters is also certified Carbon Neutral, and we’re the only Carbon Neutral Kombucha Brewery in the country.

We've created customised limited edition Kombucha flavours with the likes of The Dough Bros and Soma Coffee. These projects have been specifically tailored to the needs of their consumers as well as ours. Collaborations alone have allowed our brand to expand into new and unique markets in 2021. All About has also recently expanded in size to a new facility in Claregalway! 

We’ve also been able to recently resurface our beloved Booch Bar— a Zero Waste, portable Kombucha bar, hand-built by our very own team— which has been brought to events to showcase our new flavours and collaborations across the country. The Booch Bar was originally built around being able to play music for members of our Booch community. Creating the perfect pair— live music with a live drink. Many more events to come in 2022, where the whole staff will have the opportunity to get involved!



Employment: Full-Time

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9 – 5 p.m.

Location: Claregalway, Co. Galway

Salary: Above Minimum Wage



The Brewery Assistant will be Head Brewer Harry's right-hand help! That being said, there's ample room for individuality, creativity and flexibility in our [startup] company culture as well as in this role.

1. Shadow Head Brewer Harry to learn the basics of the fermentation process behind All About's core tea blends

2. Aid in the main production line regularly; this (currently) includes the hands-on labelling, filling & capping of kombucha bottles, to then be sent to over 200+ retail locations across Ireland

3. Replenish inventory for DIY Kombucha Kits as needed; this (currently) includes: harvesting kombucha culture(s), packaging sco-babies for future fermentors, as well as safely sealing individual kit bits, to be sent to our community nationally & internationally

4. Process & fulfil orders sourced from Shopify when needed

5. Quality control of the production line & inventory



We are looking for a sound head to join our hard-working brewery team. The ideal fit is motivated and an all-around team player. You take great satisfaction in your work and place value on a full, productive day! You’re good at taking direction from multiple team members and aren’t afraid to ask questions when the situation requires it. 

1. Strong teamwork skills

2. Comfort with standing/walking for extended periods of time

3. Ability to lift and carry up to 25kg

4. Motivated w/ the ability to work under the pressures of a fun, but fast-paced, startup company culture

5. Ability to multi-task in a calm, comfortable & cool manner

6. Passion(s) for brewing, good food, healthier living, camping, travelling - all an added bonus!!



At All About Kombucha, we recognise the vast pool of strengths that can come from a working team made up of diverse nationalities, backgrounds and ways of thinking. We've a sound and growing booch community already, but now, we can't wait to meet YOU too.




Grá Mór,

Emmett & Keith

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