Q + A: Intern Lucy

Q + A: Intern Lucy

Before sending our latest booch recruit back to America, 'Intern Lucy' took the time to answer some questions about her time interning with All About Kombucha


Let's see how she got on!


Can you please formally introduce yourself?

“Hi! I'm Lucy, and if you didn't know, I have been the All About Kombucha intern for the past three weeks now. I have honestly loved every single second spent working with the company since beginning. Everyone on the team has made me feel so welcome from the very onset."


What have you learned since being here? 

"I have learned so much. I've learned how to successfully run a small business. I've learned which branding [i.e. organic marketing] tools work, versus those that don't. I’ve learned so much about digital marketing alone, really. I’ve learned how to build a community within your team, which at All About Kombucha means being able to bond with your coworkers while also challenging one another in a constructive way. I’ve also learned an unsurprisingly significant amount about the Irish culture in general as this was my first time in Europe altogether. Looking back, I really knew nothing about the country before heading over. I actually feel like I'm coming out of this experience as a better woman."

What did you do during your time at the brewery? 

“I feel like I've tried a little bit of everything! I've lent my help on the production line, bottling kombucha. As I mentioned before, I've also spent the majority of my time with [All About's Marketing and Brand Manager] Kaitlin tackling all-things-creative; for instance, I have been helping her with up and coming projects [i.e. design deliverables] for each of the brand's different digital platforms. Other tasks included: designing brand point-of-sales ("POS"), photographing products for the online storefront, getting the TikTok up and running in a more regular capacity, curating relevant content and writing captions for Instagram. My time spent working hands-on with creative projects was definitely my favourite; I feel like I've just gained so much insight as to how to truly market your brand while putting the company's / team's best face(s) forward. I also assisted [Sales and Marketing Assistant] Aisling on sales, reaching out to new potential stockist leads over the phone and email. Finally, I worked with [Production Assistant and Accountant] Jen on fulfilment, packaging products that customers had ordered online. All the jobs really have been such a good time; there hasn't been one task where I immediately was like, ‘Ugh, I really don’t want to do this!’

How was it working with the Booch Crew? 

“Honestly, coming into this experience, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know what the people were going to be like. I am also typically someone who gets a little homesick, so I was worried that I would feel alone at some point during the experience. Again, the opposite proved to be true! The All About Kombucha team has really made me feel so special and so welcomed, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I feel like I’ll keep everyone here in my heart for a very long time. Each All About team member has taught me unique things, and I've formed different connections with the each of them, which has really made this experience above and beyond for me.

Any final words?

Like I said before, I valued this experience so much, and I would 100% do it all over again. A little birdie told me that All About Kombucha is now looking to hire a full-time Sales and Marketing Assistant, so if ANY of the above sounds interesting to you, let them know! I think it's going to be a very cool position to hold, and I honestly wish I could stay for longer and do it myself! I cannot express this enough, but my internship with the company and brewing team has been so fun! I really feel like I’ll be part of the 'booch crew' for life.”


Watch the full Q+A with Intern Lucy on our Instagram Highlight 'Team' here

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Lucy, this wonderful experience you have just had, has made you into an adult facing life as a college student

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