JOB OPENING: Sales & Marketing Assistant

JOB OPENING: Sales & Marketing Assistant

JOB OPENING: Sales & Marketing Assistant

All About Kombucha is literally.. All About Kombucha. We serve an unpasteurised and uncompromised sparkling soft drink (Kombucha) across Ireland in 3 core organic flavours, with more on the way for the summer ahead! Over the past year, we’ve also introduced DIY Kombucha Kits for purchase through our Shopify ECommerce site, for those who want to give the experience of at-home brewing a ‘go’. Each and every product that is produced, brewed and packaged in our Galway HQ is certified Carbon Neutral, and we’re the only Carbon Neutral Kombucha Brewery in the country. ‘Causing Minimal Harm’ to our planet is one of 5 core values by which our company runs on; the rest being: Work Hard, Uncap Creativity, Practise Self-Actualisation and Be Sound. It’s All About’s belief that giving back is the small price to pay in exchange for doing business on this planet. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 10% of our brewery profits annually towards the planting of Native Irish Trees and the support of Regenerative Agriculture across the country.

We've created customised limited edition Kombucha flavours with the likes of The Dough Bros, Spice Vintage and Soma Coffee. These projects have been specifically tailored to the needs of their consumers as well as ours. Collaborations alone have allowed our brand to expand into new and unique markets beyond our beloved food & drink industry, including: sustainable fashion, the music industry and event planning/management. We are always looking for new ways to incorporate the team’s own individual passions into day-to-day business opportunities, near and far! All About has also recently expanded in size to a new facility in Claregalway, where we now bide our weekdays working hard together as a team before and after breaking for our favourite time of day – lunch. Unsurprisingly, our team of fermenters take food fairly seriously here, so our team lunches are cooked or provided by each and every one of us on a rotational basis (Don’t fret, there is no food obsession or chef skills required for this particular role!).

We’ve also been able to recently resurface our Booch Bar— a Zero Waste, portable Kombucha bar, hand-built by our own team— which has been brought to events to showcase our new flavours and collaborations across the country. The Booch Bar was originally built around being able to play music, while serving bubbly booch on tap, for members of our community. Creating the perfect pair— live music with a live drink. Think BIG, fresh booch pints.. Many more events to come over the remainder of 2022, where the whole staff will have the opportunity to get involved too! Team Wellness Excursions, Music Festivals, All About Community Days, Corporate Booch Appearances and much much more..



The Sales & Marketing Assistant will primarily work alongside our Co-Founder & Co-Director Keith with sales, while assisting our Marketing & Brand Manager Kaitlin with all-things-digital. Our company is both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). Sales tasks will most often relate to our current / prospective stockists, while the creative team manages more customer-first marketing and communications. 

Employment: Full-Time

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 p.m.

Location: Claregalway, Co. Galway

Salary: DOE – let’s talk numbers live!



  1. Educate potential and current stockists on the USPs (unique selling points) of All About Kombucha
  2. Ensure all new / current stockists are equipped with up-to-date marketing / POS (point of sales) to accompany our Kombucha when being sold in-store
  3. Maintain positive and constructive customer service for current stockists
  4. Manage and update our in-house sales list 
  5. Actively pursue and land new stockists that align with our own company values & aspirations
  6. Connect & actively interact with stockists online (majority on social media)
  7. Take stockist orders and relay them to our distribution team(s), before ensuring all orders are tracked / arrive in a timely fashion to their respective new homes
  8. Schedule & manage in-store tastings at different stockist locations for new potential patron customers 
  9. Sell that good good booch!



  1. Support our creative team with the creation and execution of paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google
  2. Contribute to the creation / curation of appropriate organic consumer messaging to our target audiences across our highly active social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn 
  3. Draft email newsletters to be sent out to our subscribed following on Mailchimp regarding upcoming events, specialty offers and more
  4. Conceptualise new, unique marketing touch points to build brand awareness at stockist locations, events and throughout the booch community
  5. Create trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers while acting as the main line of communication between the two parties



We are looking for a sound head to join our hard-working team. The ideal fit is motivated and an all-around team player. You take great satisfaction in your work and place value on a full, productive day! You’re good at taking direction from multiple team members and aren’t afraid to ask questions when the situation requires it. 

  1. Authorisation to work in Ireland
  2. Strong verbal communication skills (fluency in English required)
  3. Killer attention to detail and high quality organisation skills
  4. Strong time management skills
  5. Comfort with Microsoft Office applications
  6. Motivated w/ the ability to work under the pressures of a fun, but fast-paced, startup company culture
  7. Ability to multitask in a calm, comfortable & cool manner



  1. Degree and/or experience in a sales, marketing, digital or communications role
  2. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  3. Videography / Photography skills 
  4. A love for the TikTok
  5. An understanding and inherent passion for social media marketing, email marketing, web design and/or SEO
  6. Passion(s) for brewing, good food, healthier living, camping, travelling - all an added bonus!!



At All About Kombucha, we recognise the vast pool of strengths that can come from a working team made up of diverse nationalities, backgrounds and ways of thinking. We've a sound and growing booch community already, but now we can't wait to meet YOU too!

Drop us a line at today! Send us over your CV with something creative.. ANYTHING creative! Whether this be an unconventional and graphically designed CV, a recorded video cover letter, your digital portfolio, a marketing pitch deck, personal vision board or anything in between. We just want to see you shine. The creative freedom is all yours now.. 


Grá Mór,

Emmett & Keith

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