All About Kombucha

We're not just another faceless brand; here's a quick one on who we are!

We are All About Kombucha; Ireland's Only Carbon Neutral Kombucha Brewery. Serving cans of unpasteurised, LIVE and organic kombucha since 2017 – hand-canned and brewed in Galway, Ireland.

The beginning is more along the lines of a love story where two best friends have shared a passion for life through business. Emmett & Keith moved to Vancouver, Canada after finishing their business degrees, yearning for a taste of what the ‘real world’ was like. It was there they came across kombucha.

After coming back to Ireland, they had a thirst. A thirst that they soon realised could only be quenched with a brew of their own. And so, All About Kombucha was born. They established a core set of values that they’ve continued to follow from day one: Be Sound, Cause Minimal Harm, Work Hard, Uncap Creativity, and Practise Self-Actualisation.

They strive to make a difference by supporting Irish, making sustainable choices and helping people to take their health into their own hands. They make tasty kombucha that is good for the gut, good on the palate and good for the planet.  

The pair stormed into 2022 winning the Irish Food Writers Guild Irish Drink Award + appearing on the Late Late Show’s Taking Care of Business special.

Our award winning Irish kombucha can be found in restaurants and cafés all over Ireland and you can keep up with our story on Instagram @allaboutkombucha !

Grá Mór,

Emmett & Keith