Our Flavours

Sweet & refreshing, without the calories!
We've brewed this batch with delicious organic raspberries to create a low-calorie, wonderfully refreshing, vitamin hit. Bubbling with flavour, this guilt-free, fizzy tea is best consumed chilled and with a smile.

Ginger & Lemon:

Ginger & Lemon
A flavoursome, fizzy favourite that aids digestion.
We've brought this zesty brew to you by combining the best organic lemons with freshly pressed ginger. The bubbly beverage has a kick of ginger like no other. Best consumed chilled and with good tunes!
Carrot & Turmeric
Making healthy taste good!
This flavour was created with your immune system in mind. To boost you up, we've jam packed this bottle of booch with as many vitamin A, C, & E as Kombucha-ly possible! By combining the medicinal benefits of turmeric root with carrot, this brew is bubbling with flavour! Best consumed after a dip in the sea...