Our Flavours

Organic Blueberry + Mint
Happiness may not grow on trees, but blueberries do + blueberries make us happy! An organic blueberry kombucha that's good for the gut good to the planet. So juicy and flavoursome, ripe with antioxidants and live cultures.

Organic Ginger + Lemon
Our fermented take on a classic duo! We've blended the ripest lemons with freshly pressed organic Peruvian ginger to create a deliciously refreshing drink with a zesty twist. Bubbling with flavour + the perfect harmony of ginger + lemon!
Organic Raspberry
This fizzy favourite is brewed + canned by hand with our in-house blend of organic teas + raspberries, to craft a fruity beverage bursting with flavour. Summer's short in Ireland so we canned it up for you to enjoy all year round!