Our Sustainable Mission

Group of people gathering to plant Native Irish Trees across Ireland's Woodlands for charity. 

Photo from one of Hometree Charity's Tree Planting Days | Credit: Malcolm McGettigan


Did you know...

For roughly every case of All About Kombucha you drink, we get the chance to give back on your behalf and support the planting of a new tree in Ireland’s most beautiful woodlands?

As a member of 1% for the Planet, All About will be donating 10% of all brewery profits in 2021 towards planting Native Irish Trees & supporting the growth of Regenerative Agriculture.

We’ve teamed up with two local charities— chosen based on their transparent, selfless leadership and continuous hard work— to do just this. 


Hometree Charity

What began as a tree-planting charity is growing into a project that endeavours to deeply connect people with nature, and facilitates a wide variety of fundamental projects to address both Ireland’s declining biodiversity and the unfolding climate challenge.


Burrenbeo Trust

The team has spent the last two decades working to provide a sustainable future for the Burren, all while promoting sustainable communities, disseminating knowledge of best practices, and generating a sense of informed pride in the heritage surrounding our landscape.