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"Booch Club" Subscription

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Welcome to the Club

Our mission is to create an online Kombucha community that nourish's its members and allows you become more involved with the All About Kombucha Journey. 

Become part of the Booch Club Today

- Exclusive flavour options for Club Members which can be included in your regular order

- Free AAK Beanie 

- Entered into exclusive email newsletter where you can have chats with owners Emmett & Keith, have your ideas heard for where All About Kombucha grows as a company

- Regular free AAK goodies with your order

and.... of course : Cold Cans of organic kombucha delivered from our brewery directly to your home with love and care.

Available in packs of 12 or 16 cans of Raspberry, Ginger + Lemon or Blueberry + Mint; get all one flavour, half and half or a mix of all three flavours.

3 Month Minimum Subscription* 

*Note: Keep your Kombucha refrigerated at all times!