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Organic Scoby

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When it comes to brewing kombucha, nothing matters more than the quality of your kombucha starter. 

All of our kombucha cultures (S.C.O.B.Y.) are grown using filtered water, organic sugar, organic loose leaf tea, and organic kombucha starter liquid. 

Our Organic S.C.O.B.Y. are an active culture, grown in-house, alongside the same culture we use to make our canned product. 

Essentially, the S.C.O.B.Y. is what contains all of those lovely bacteria and yeast needed to kickstart your own ferments at home. The culture breaks down the sugar in the brew, which is what ultimately gives Kombucha that tangy, fizzy taste.

And the best part? One S.C.O.B.Y can provide you with a lifetime supply of kombucha! go on, get creative in the kitchen.

Includes one whole S.C.O.B.Y and 250ml of starter liquid (enough to brew 2 litres of kombucha).